The bass is the largest of the stringed instruments, and is sometimes called a double bass or string bass. It has the lowest voice and provides a beautiful foundation for the rest of the orchestra.

Like the cello, basses have an endpin that rests on the floor while it is being played. But like all stringed instruments, you make a sound on the bass by dragging the horsehair of the bow (that has an adequate amount of rosin applied) across the strings with your right hand, which causes them to vibrate. The body of the bass serves as a large resonator for that sound. Notes are changed by placing the fingers of your left hand in different positions on the fingerboard. The bass is often played by plucking the strings instead of bowing them, which gives a very distinct and jazzy sound that you may be familiar with.

Basses are featured in lots of styles of music like classical, rock, bluegrass, folk and many others.

Boys and girls both play the bass – the only condition is that they must be big enough to reach playing position and the stretch of the notes on the fingerboard.

Bass is not a hard instrument to learn to play, but it does take some practice!

Why Should I Choose the Bass?

The bass is certainly not for everyone, but here are a few good reasons:

  • The bass has a deep, rich voice and is very calming.
  • Basses are in high demand for use in a variety of music groups, including choir and concert band.
  • Basses provide the foundation for bluegrass, jazz and many string groups.
  • Bass is fun to play in groups, such as duets and ensembles, and sounds great with other strings.
  • Basses come in a variety of sizes so there may be one that is exactly right for you.

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