The cello is one of the larger stringed instruments, larger than a viola but smaller than the string bass. It has a lower, mellow tone that provides a beautiful harmony in the orchestra.

Unlike the violin and viola, cellos have an endpin that rests on the floor while it is being played. But like all stringed instruments, you make a sound on the cello by dragging the horsehair of the bow (that has an adequate amount of rosin applied) across the strings with your right hand, which causes them to vibrate. The body of the cello serves as a large resonator for that sound. Notes are changed by placing the fingers of your left hand in different positions on the fingerboard.

Cellos are most often used for accompaniment, but with their lush and lovely tone, they also can play expressive melodies beautifully. Cello is not a hard instrument to learn to play, but it does take some practice!

Why Should I Choose the Cello?

Among the many good reasons to choose the cello are:

  • Cello music is said to be very relaxing as the sound is mellow and calming.
  • Cellos are used in a wide variety of musical styles, from classical to hip-hop.
  • Cellos blend well with all types of instruments.
  • Many beautiful tunes were written specifically for the cello.
  • Cello is fun to play in groups, such as duets and ensembles, and sounds great with other strings or wind instruments.
  • Cellos come in a variety of sizes so there will be one that is exactly right for you.

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