Why Choose the Clarinet?


The clarinet is one of the most important instruments in the band with its warm and soothing sound and band need lots of clarinets for a balanced characteristic sound.

The clarinet’s sound is produced with the help of a small wooden reed that vibrates against the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece, with the reed attached, is placed on the bottom lip and the upper teeth are closed down on the top of the mouthpiece before the player blows a steady stream of air, which sets the vibration and sound in motion. The clarinet has a series of tone holes in the body of the instruments – these are covered with the player’s fingers in different combinations to produce different notes.

Both boys and girls enjoy playing the clarinet.

Clarinets are suited for all types of music, including classical, pop, contemporary Christian, Christmas, jazz, and easy listening. It is often heard as the lead on ballads due to the woody, mellow tone.

Learning to play the clarinet isn’t difficult, but it takes a little practice to get a consistent sound.

There are some excellent reasons to play clarinet:

  • The clarinet has a soothing, smooth sound.
  • Clarinets are one of the most featured instruments in the band.
  • There are many beautiful pieces of music written for the clarinet.
  • Clarinet is not hard to learn to play.
  • Clarinet is not heavy and can be easily carried.
  • Once you have learned to play the clarinet, you can easily learn to play Bass Clarinet, as well as other woodwind instruments, such as flute and saxophone since they share similar traits.
  • Clarinet is fun to play in groups, such as duets and ensembles with other clarinets or woodwind instruments.

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