The French horn is one of the most beautiful instruments in the band. With its rich and mellow tone, it blends well with other instruments.

Played with the right hand inside the bell to aid in the tone, it is one of the only instruments that uses the left hand to press the keys.. Like all brass instruments, the sound of the French horn is produced by the player making a buzzing sound by blowing air through closed lips. This sound is amplified by the mouthpiece and vibrates through the tubing of the instrument and out the bell. The three keys, which are shaped like paddles, make the instrument tubing that the air travels through longer or shorter. This, along with a change of air speed, combines to produce the different pitches.

French horn is a perfect choice for boys and girls alike and many of the best students choose this instrument. It is not difficult to learn to play, but does require practice to learn to produce a consistent sound.

Why Choose the French horn?

French horn is one of the most fun, yet demanding instruments to play. Here are a few reasons why it is a great choice:

  • French horn makes a lovely, mellow and sometimes haunting sound. 
  • The band uses fewer French horns than other instruments, so they are in high demand. 
  • Some of the most beautiful and emotional music has been written for the French horn and you can often hear it in dramatic parts of movies and TV shows. 
  • If you have taken music in the past (like piano or violin lessons), you can become a good French horn player quickly. 
  • It is fun to play together in groups, like duets and ensembles and it sounds great with other French horns or other brass instruments. 
  • Band directors look to the French horn players for leadership and, with practice, there are many college scholarships available to them.

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