Greg Lyons

Greg is the CEO and owner of Royal Music Co., Inc.. A former band director,  Greg holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and a Master's degree in Education. He oversees the day to day operation of the store, but he also services one of our northern territories by visiting the schools and assisting the teachers with recruiting and maintaining students.  Greg is an active guest conductor for clinic and honor bands throughout the state of Kentucky.  He and Paula purchased Royal Music in 1991 from Norman Lewis.

Paula Lyons

Paula is a CPA and the Chief Financial Officer of Royal Music Co., Inc.. She oversees rental contracts, the school and teacher accounts, and also manages the financial functions at the Royal.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education, a Master's degree in Education and worked for years as a band director before completing a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. She and Greg purchased the music store in 1991.

Jeff Brooks

Jeff is the resident guitar and electronics specialist at Royal Music Co., Inc.. He maintains the inventory on the sales floor, as well as managing the scheduling for Royal's lesson studios. Jeff works directly with the music manufacturers and suppliers to make sure we are able to meet as many customer needs as possible.  He joined Royal Music in 2006 after working many years in retail music.  Jeff is an active guitarist at his church.

Nancy Coomer

Nancy has many jobs at Royal Music Co., Inc. She is our primary customer service person, answers most phone calls, manages the print music inventory and also helps in the office.  Nancy has a thorough knowledge of print music and is in constant contact with publishers, so she has access to almost anything in print.  She has been with Royal Music since 2003.

Webb Hendrix

Webb has been employed by Royal Music Co., Inc. since 1985 as our percussion specialist.  He is the primary contact for all things percussion, whether that be drum sets, keyboard percussion, cajones, djembes, congas, bongos or other percussion supplies and accessories.  He is a member of Orchestra Kentucky and the Rewinders, but you might see Webb playing with a variety of bands in the Bowling Green area.

Cameron Federico

Cameron is our newest employee at Royal Music Co., Inc.  He is responsible for selling, maintaining, and repairing our guitars.  Cameron joined Royal in 2015 and has quickly become a favorite among our customers. Cameron plays guitar in various bands in the Bowling Green area and at Crossland Church.

Ricky Mudd

Ricky is our primary Educational Representative for Royal Music and is responsible for school and community relationships and service.  He spends most of his time on the road visiting with band and orchestra teachers and providing support for music teachers throughout South Central Kentucky. 

Phil Ashby

Phil is a part-time Educational Representative for Royal Music and travels to schools in southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee.  We are one of three part-time jobs that Phil juggles since his retirement from band directing several years ago.



Duncan Beach

Duncan has made the transition from part-time to full-time at Royal Music. He focuses on keeping our rental pool instruments, both band and orchestra, in great shape. He honed his skills as a stringed instrument repairman, fitting bridges and restringing instruments before branching out into the band rental pool.  Duncan plays bass, violin, and saxophone.