The violin is the most popular and recognizable instrument in the orchestra. It is also the most plentiful and the orchestra needs many, many violins to achieve a characteristic orchestral balance.

You make a sound on the violin by dragging the horsehair of the bow (that has an adequate amount of rosin applied) across the strings with your right hand, which causes them to vibrate. The body of the violin serves as a resonator for that sound. Notes are changed by placing the fingers of your left hand in different positions on the fingerboard.

Violins are also sometimes referred to as fiddles and while they are basically the same instrument, the style of playing and the music they play are quite different. Fiddle players generally prefer a flatter bridge to facilitate playing on two strings at the same time, which is often called for in the country, bluegrass and folk music they primarily play.

Violins have the capability of playing very fast and exciting music, but they also can play the lush and expressive melodies beautifully. While best known for playing the melody in most classical music, they can be heard in all style of music including jazz, bluegrass, country, rock, and contemporary Christian, to name a few.

Violin is not a hard instrument to learn to play, but it does take some practice!

Why Should I Choose the Violin?

Among the many reasons to choose the violin are:

  • Violin is the lead instrument in the orchestra and many times has the melody. 
  • Violins play all kinds of music from fiddle tunes to classical music. 
  • The violin is small and easy to carry.  Many of the most beautiful tunes were written specifically for the violin. 
  • Violin is fun to play in groups, such as duets and ensembles, and sounds great with other strings or wind instruments. 
  • Once you learn the basics of the violin, you can easily pick up the electric violin for different sounds and effects. 
  • Violins get to sit in the front of the orchestra. 

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